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Five things to do the day before your IELTS test


Is your IELTS test coming up? Watch this video to know what to do.

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Got IELTS tomorrow? Five things to do the day before your test. So, you’ve done your preparation, taken practice tests and maybe even been to English classes. Tomorrow you will be putting your skills to the test. You’re probably wondering, ‘what else can I do to get ready?’ Well, here’s my advice. Take a break. Take the day off! This isn’t a test of memory, and it’s impossible to learn a language overnight. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, so now it’s time to recharge and make sure you are able to perform at your best. So, close your study books! Go ahead and hit the beach or jog around the park. Or you can be like me and take your furry friend out for a walk. Use English as part of your daily routine.

Get your brain in the habit of thinking in English in the lead up to test. Watch English movies, read English newspapers and chat with your English-speaking friends. Prepare what you need.

Now that you’re all relaxed, prepared the things you need for test day. Make sure you know where to go, and that you’ve planned enough time to get there. Organise the things you need, including your identity document. Make sure it is the same one you used when you registered for your test. Be confident. Get your winning hat on! Believe in yourself because, your attitude will definitely impact your performance. So, from me to you all the best for your IELTS test.

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