IDP VIPartners Referral Program

IDP VIPartners Referral Program

by IDP IELTS — July 24th, 2020

You can benefit from special services for you and your candidates only with the IDP VIPartners Referral Program, which is the exclusive service and brand of IDP. By joining to IDP VIPartners program, you can get a quick and private response to all your requests within 24 hours. You can reach from any device and all over the world at You can view all operations you want and all the requests you have made before from your account.

What can you do with the IDP VIPartners Program?
  • Request test registration
  • IELTS study materials
  • IELTS partner commissions
  • Your special logos and promotions
  • All test dates
  • Result delivery requests
  • All requests and notifications you will need

Besides, you can increase the reliability of your business by using the official IELTS logo withVIPartners program. IELTS will support you while you support your customers.

Better with IDP!