IDP Study Abroad Roadshow is waiting for you!

IDP Study Abroad Roadshow is waiting for you!

by IDP IELTS — October 5th, 2020

IDP Study Abroad Roadshow is waiting for you! The annual IDP Study Abroad Roadshow, which hosts the world’s best universities, will be held online for the first time this year.

On February 22, we left behind an amazing Roadshow where we met one on one with representatives of the best universities of Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and America, have received information and support from IDP counselors,  tried ourselves, and got feedback from IELTS Speaking experts.

Although we will not be together due to the pandemic, we continue to bring you together with the schools and help you achieve your dreams on Saturday, October 17!

Looking for the best study abroad opportunity? Do you need to explore programs at leading universities and get answers to all your questions about education in that country? You don’t need to leave your home to learn all this and more! Join us at the IDP Study Abroad Virtual Roadshow on October 17th:

  • Meet one on one with representatives of leading universities and colleges
  • Find answers to all your questions about programs, scholarships and admission requirements
  • Get instant support from IDP counselors for better options
  • Apply the right program in the right place
  • Get help with university application and visa process
About IDP

IDP is the global leader in international education services. We help international students study in English-speaking countries.

We have collaborations with more than 700 universities, schools, and colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Last year, we helped more than 39,000 of our students settle into the most suitable departments-so we’re confident we’ll find the best program for you, too. And our support doesn’t end when you receive your college acceptance letter. As IDP, we support you throughout your journey to study abroad.

Planning to study abroad, especially “what’s the best university for me?”, “Which departments or programs may best suit my career goals?”, “What is the cost of studying abroad?” if you have a lot of questions that need answers like this, it can be a daunting process. Join the IDP Study Abroad Virtual Roadshow to find out the answers to these questions and more!

About IDP Study Abroad Roadshow

IDP Study Abroad Roadshow is one of the most exclusive higher education events in the world. IDP Education has been organizing roadshows for over 18 years, bringing students from more than 100 universities and colleges from top study centers abroad, including Australia, UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. It has become a meeting point for students who want to realize their dreams of studying abroad. The Roadshow is home to numerous universities and college representatives. These representatives are ready to give you in-depth information about their programs, departments, degrees, and admission requirements. In addition, they answer all your questions about education at their universities, applications, tuition fees, scholarships, etc.

Who can attend to Roadshow?

Anyone interested in studying abroad!

  • Students who need help choosing the degree and program that best suits their interests and career goals
  • Employees who want to take their career to the next level by taking graduate education at the best universities abroad
  • Parents who want to invest in their children’s future through international education and want to make the best decisions for them

Also don’t miss the chance to win one of the 6 computer-delivered IELTS to be gifted at the event!*

*It will be gifted through an online competition that will be held during the event. 3 computer-delivered IELTS for Istanbul,  2 computer-delivered IELTS for Ankara, and 1 computer-delivered IELTS for İzmir test centers will be given according to the rating ranking in the competition. The gifted tests are only valid for computer-delivered IELTS, which will take place until the end of December 2020. It cannot be changed with another test, it cannot be changed by paying the difference between the UKVI test, it cannot be transferred to anyone, test location cannot be changed, or it cannot be postponed in any way.

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