How to write Writing Task 2 introduction?

How to write Writing Task 2 introduction?

by IDP IELTS — July 24th, 2020

In this article, we answered the question of how to write Writing Task 2 introduction.

Writing an effective introduction for Task 2 can be challenging. What you write in the introduction will give an idea about the quality of your entire article. Therefore, the introduction paragraph is an important part of what you will write for Task 2. A clear, well-organized and relevant introduction sentence will create a positive first impression on the IELTS expert evaluating the test.

Take a time to read and analyze the question 

What you wrote in Task 2 is expected to include the entire question in a relevant way. Since the introduction paragraph is the first step in achieving this goal, you need to place your answer in all parts of the question. Therefore, it is important to take some time to read and analyze the question before you start writing, so that you fully understand what you are asked to write about.

Start with ‘General Statement’, then focus on the details

When writing your answer, start writing with a general statement before focusing on more specific points or questions about the topic. The general statement must be clearly related to your topic and not be too broad. For example, if you need to write about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy, you can start with a sentence like ‘Nuclear technology has been around for many years.’

Use your own words

It is acceptable to use what is given in the question as a guide. However, do not copy the question completely. Otherwise, the person evaluating your test will think that the language you can use is limited, which directly affects your band score. Instead of copying, change the order of the provided information, use synonyms and explain more complex ideas in your own words.

Give your opinion

For Task 2, you need to discuss your thoughts on the topic, as well as your own opinion. So clearly state your opinion in the introduction.

Briefly describe how you plan to improve your article 

While this is optional, it can help you better organize your writing, briefly explaining how you plan to improve the topic. It is also a good way to let the examiner know what to cover in the article.

Review after you’re done

Don’t forget to read your introduction again after you have finished writing your article. Although it is common to start the article by considering a particular argument or a specific way of editing the articles, your ideas may change as you develop the topic. Therefore, once you have finished writing, make sure that what you write is in accordance with the introduction paragraph.

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