Computer delivered IELTS: FAQ

Computer delivered IELTS: FAQ

by IDP IELTS — July 17th, 2020

Nowadays, as with many things, test systems are going digital. Computer-delivered IELTS (CDIELTS) test conducts in Turkey since 2018 and Listening, Reading and Writing sections are carried out via computer. However, the Speaking test is still face to face with a real examiner. Let’s answer the frequently asked questions about computer delivered IELTS and take a closer look.

Is computer delivered IELTS more difficult?

The only difference between paper based and computer delivered test is that CDIELTS is conducted via computer. The content of the test, durations, evaluation criteria and other things remain the same. You will also listen to questions in the same style, read articles of the same length and difficulty, and answer Task 1 and Task 2 questions in the same format. You just need to write them on the computer instead of paper.

For some of us, there is only one difference that may seem easier or more difficult; keyboard. If you are significantly more comfortable with any of the pen or keyboard, yes, the test might be a little easier for you. In addition, a paper and pencil is provided for you to take notes in CDIELTS. Don’t worry, you can still register for paper based IELTS.

Can I take the test at home? Can I complete it on the phone?

Although it may sound like a nice idea to take the test at home, this is not possible. One of the reasons why IELTS is so respected worldwide is because it is a safe and fair test. Therefore, governments use it for immigration, universities for admissions, and employers to determine your salary and recruitment. With these in mind, letting people use their own devices for the test would be a serious risk. Not only it does provide the proper environment for cheating, but other issues like software compatibility, viruses and poor internet connection can create a real mess on the test day. Can you imagine your computer crashing on the test day?

So, if you decide to take computer delivered IELTS, you will need to go to an official IELTS test centre.

Does CDIELTS give immediate results?

That would be great, but you still have to wait to get your results. Don’t worry, we have good news! As many of you know, paper based IELTS results are announced 13 days after the test date. On the other hand, this period will be 2-5 days in computer delivered IELTS. If you urgently need a test result, CDIELTS is for you!

Should I prepare differently for CDIELTS?

The answer is very simple; no. Unlike the paper based test, you may need to practice typing with the keyboard. If you’re really bad on the keyboard or typing slowly, it might be better for you to take the paper based IELTS.

Otherwise, you can prepare for the test with all the resources IDP offers online and for free. Sign up for online trainings. Check out the Asisst service. Try free sample test and band score descriptors. In short, don’t worry about CDIELTS vs paper based.

Is the Speaking test also conduct on the computer?

Good news; no. Speaking test is still face to face with a real examiner. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, your speaking test can take place as videa call speaking with a real examiner.

Learn more about Video Call Speaking

Which keyboard type is used?

On our computer delivered test centres, Turkish and English QWERTY keyboard available. On the test day, you can state your keyboard choice when you reach the test location.

Can I bring my own headphone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Headphones are provided by the test centres so that you do not have any problems in the Listening section. In CDIELTS, high quality headphones with noise canceling feature are used. Headphones are disinfected after each use and cannot be used without a disposable headphone pad.

How much is the computer delivered IELTS test fee?

Both paper based IELTS and computer delivered IELTS prices are same: 1.400 Turkish Liras for IELTS and 1.600 Turkish Liras for IELTS UKVI.

Is computer delivered IELTS valid?

Whether it’s on computer or paper, validity of both test are same. Also there is no expression on the Test Report Form about if it is computer delivered or paper based test.

Where can I take computer delivered IELTS?

You can take computer delivered IELTS with IDP in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya.

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