VCS ile daha iyi bir Speaking deneyimi

A better Speaking experience with VCS

by IDP IELTS — August 14th, 2020

Meet with Video Call Speaking (VCS)

With the impact of Covid-19, IDP IELTS Turkey has taken additional precautions for your health and safety, including implementing strict physical distancing procedures. One of them is Video Call Speaking. If you wish you can take your IELTS Speaking test via a video call format. A better Speaking experience awaits you with Video Call Speaking (VCS).

Your Speaking test examiner will not be in the same test room as you, but instead, you’ll speak with them via a video call in a private test room at the test center. All aspects of the Speaking test will remain the same, including the question types, timing, and marking.

How does the Video Call Speaking test work?
  • The test will be delivered over video call by a certified, expert Speaking examiner, enabling real-life, real-time, two-way communication, just like in the real world.
  • The video call Speaking test is exactly the same as the in-person Speaking test in terms of content, scoring, timing, question format, and security arrangements.
  • An IELTS team member will guide you to your Speaking test room and verify your identity.
  • Once you have your noise-canceling headset on with disposable pads, you can start your Speaking test on a high-definition video call with an examiner.
  • You can expect crystal clear sound, secure fast connections, and real-life conversation
  • Most importantly: you can take your mask off as you wish! In this way, you can express yourself more comfortably and see the facial expressions of the examiner.
What to expect on test day
1- What will you see in the speaking test room?
  1. There is a computer with a camera, a headset, and headphone pads.
  2. Like the face to face test, there is a pencil and paper on the desk for use in Part 2. Please do not touch this until the examiner invites you to. When Part 2 is finished please put the pen down and do not touch it again.
2- What should I expect during the Speaking test?

When you are in the test room, the invigilator will confirm your name and candidate number. The invigilator will then read out the number of your ID document to confirm your identity for the examiner. You will be asked to place your ID document on the desk. Please leave it there until you leave the room.

The invigilator will then give you the headset to wear and check that your image is in the center of the monitor. The examiner will ask if you can hear clearly. Once you confirm you can hear, the invigilator will leave the room and your test will begin.

3- Will it still be a face-to-face Speaking test?

Yes, your Speaking test will still be face-to-face, however, your examiner will attend your test via a video call.

You will be able to see your examiners face, hear them speak, and have a live conversation with them, as you would in-person.

4- How will I see the questions in Part 2?

Your examiner will share screen with you.

5- Will I need to prepare for my Speaking test differently?

No, you will not need to prepare any differently. All aspects of the Speaking test will remain the same, including the question types, timing, and marking.

6- Will I need to do anything differently on test day?

On your test day, an IELTS staff member will complete your ID check as per normal and show you to your Speaking test room. An IELTS staff member will set-up your video-call, you will not be required to touch any equipment or set up the call.

7- Will my Speaking test be marked any differently?

No, your IELTS Speaking test will continue to be marked by a trained and certified examiner. Your speaking skills are marked against a number of criteria, including ‘fluency and coherence’, ‘lexical resource’, ‘pronunciation’, ‘grammatical range’, and ‘accuracy’.

8- What should I do to take my Speaking test as video call?

If you wish to take your Speaking test as video call, you have to send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] after you completed your registration. Unless otherwise stated in the confirmation email sent to you, your Speaking test will be held as video call.

What measures has IDP put in place to protect my health and safety?

We have been following the advice of the World Health Organisation and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health governments to help create a healthy test day environment. Here is a summary of some of the additional precautions we have introduced for you and your fellow test-takers:

  • HES code check at the entrance
  • Ask you to sign a health declaration
  • Test takers and staff must wear a mask
  • Hand sanitizers and colognes are readily available
  • Test room disinfection & deep cleaning
  • Additional spacing for test-takers and reduced quota

To learn more, check our precautions against the coronavirus in the IELTS tests blog.

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